Richard Tyregrim is a long time hacker and computer enthusiast, with a diverse background in the field, from doing hardware level programming of sound processors and fax modems, to programming of web frameworks and enterprise backends. He has worked with many programming languages and paradigms, as well as hardware platforms, both as a private contractor and in direct employment as well as in various community projects for 20+ years. He has also worked as a tutor in Swedish academia, teaching various programming and algorithmic topics.

Richard lives in Sweden, in the region of Kumla, with his wife, daughter and two cats.

He is an avid reader, as well as an engaged free market and liberal capitalism activist and debater, but his major interest will always remain computing in all forms and what can be done with computers.

His beginnings in the field of programming can be traced back to the Amiga computer and his involvement as a coder of 68k assembly language, something he migrated to from 6502 with the help of friends versed in the Amiga scene.

Therefore Amiga machines are still close to his heart, and he owns several, which sees regular use to this day.

Richard is a certified C software engineer, as well as a certified Java professional and certified C# developer. He also holds credentials in business and software architecture, as well as enterprise systems architecture and ITIL.

He holds a B.Sc. in comp. sci. and has credentials in various other fields as well, including game design, rhetoric and leadership/management.

He currently works as an Enterprise Integration Architect, Senior Developer/Analyst and Change Manager at Atlas Copco (team Enterprise Integration), situated in Örebro, Sweden.

This is his blog about all things geek, all things code, all things IT, and some things concerning general shenanigans.


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