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When will internet of things take off?

Lots of talk these days on the internet of things. Or for the less buzzword-centric, sensors connected to the internet. This talking has been going on for a while now, and there is a lot of hype surrounding iot. But still, it has failed to take off on a larger scale, meaning, average Joe adapting and finding needs for connected utilities.

Basically it seems to be a rather hard sell. Now why is that? Well, frankly, the products are not mature yet. For instance, these newfangled gadgets that let me dim a lightbulb with my cellphone is all fine, but on the other hand, why is that really useful enough to warrant the rather steep pricetag and inconvenience? And if i still opt for it, it will only work with that particular suppliers devices. Iot in the home lacks a killer app. Something that will make the idea of connected utilities in the household become a “must” rather than “overpriced gimmick”.

Now, there ARE possbilities for this. Imagine ways to track your kids whereabouts (wearable gps) for instance. That is a safety measure many parents would like to have, a lot more than the ability to open the garage door with the phone when at work.

Or imagine that you could use several interconnected devices, no matter the manufacturer, and program them independently to react to events. Now that is something tangible and useful for third party consultancy to work on.

Which brings me to another key point: Standardization.

For instance, there is a need for an open standard regarding events created by connected devices. A message format, on which to build intercommunication between your connected home devices.

My suggestion on it is to adapt a known container such as json and then create a standard for describing either a sensor reading or a notification.

So, why is that not happening? I really want to connect my car to my garage door in an open standard communication way, so i can make events from a trigger responses on b (like opening the door when i remote start the car).

Then we may start to see things happen in the field of iot for the home.