The idea of the hybrid cloud

I recently saw a note from Oracle Tech saying you should consolidate your cloud effort and tooling towards a single vendor, to allow for better support.

I would like to strongly refute this idea and instead i would defend the “hybrid cloud”. One of the reasons of doing cloud, for me, is breaking vendor lock-in and allowing for technology advances at a rapid rate. To me, consolidating your cloud effort to a single vendor is blocking this. You should instead be open to change and to applying different solutions depending on the nature of the current problem.

One of the selling points of cloud / off-site hosting and services, is in my view, the ability to mix and match them and use pay-as-you-go models to build less monolithic constructs. This has benefits in nearly all fields of computing, from analytics to integration. Therefore i say:

Opt-in to all the major cloud providers. Keep accounts with them. Utilize pay-as-you-go to scale up/down and do testing. Use what you need, when you need it.

Today, we are truly reaching the point where we can pick and choose everything from database to network infrastructure at a click, and pay only for what we use. We should use that oppurtunity.

However, this requires companies to hire good, forward thinking innovators, and have skilled engineers thinking up solutions, with an open mindset. This, as opposed to buying the all-in-one package from giant supplier X, will give you the truly advantageous solutions. The additional cost of adding this staffing, letting them use the environments freely, and also keep policies for several vendors WILL be justified by the results.

Monolithic monsters that you sign over your entire stack of apps to, is a thing of the past. Let’s build and innovate, with the toolboxes we can now access easily, and take control.

Therefore i say, go hybrid, build your solutions loosely coupled and as micro-services. As long as the endpoints is standardized, they will work together, regardless of the underlying service structure.

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